What is Real Estate Photography and How to Get Started

Real estate photography is a specialized form of photography that involves taking professional photographs of a property in order to market and sell it. It is commonly used to advertise a property for sale online, and wide-angle shots are often used to capture the space better. Full-frame cameras are the right choice for most real estate photography jobs, as they can capture large spaces and produce the highest quality images. When organizing the house for a shoot, it is important to consider what's outside the windows, as well as tidying and decorating the interior.

The usual settings, requirements or specifications for real estate cameras range from 16 to 35 mm (full frame), 10 to 22 mm and 12 to 24 mm (cameras with a cropped sensor). Adaptability is key for real estate photography, as it is a business at the end of the day. Flash can be used to quickly illuminate relevant areas of the room and points that are normally hidden in the shadows. When taking photos for marketing purposes, focus on the sales pitch of your photos.

Good editing software is also necessary, since most real estate photographs need a lot of post-production. Wide-angle lenses are good for shooting large areas such as living rooms and dining rooms and are therefore very popular with real estate photographers. Luxury real estate photographers will take an overexposed photo and an underexposed photo along with a standard exposure. If you don't have previous experience in real estate photography, it might be useful to accept some jobs for free at first.

Here are some tips on real estate photography compiled by the best photographers to help you take images that sell houses and get ahead.

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