How to Take Professional Real Estate Photos: Tips and Tricks

Taking professional-level real estate photos can be a daunting task, especially if you don't have the right equipment or knowledge. However, with the right tips and tricks, you can take stunning photos of any property. To help you get started, here are some of the best tips for taking great real estate photos. First, invest in a remote shutter for your camera.

This will allow you to take photos from a distance and capture the entire property without having to be in the frame. Additionally, consider getting a drone for aerial imaging. This will give you a unique perspective of the property and make your photos stand out. When it comes to scheduling the photo session, try to plan it for the last day of the listing period.

This will ensure that the property is in its best condition and that all repairs have been made. Additionally, if you're struggling to decide what to post on social media, we've put together 147 real estate social media post ideas that will work on Facebook, Instagram, or any platform. During shooting, be very careful with the lines. It's crucial to keep them straight and prevent them from buckling.

Whether you're taking pictures of the inside or outside, you need to control the lines and photograph them correctly. However, you can always retouch them in Photoshop or similar programs. Then, examine your photos very carefully to identify the features vital to commercial real estate photography. If you prefer to try photographing your home yourself, follow these tips to take better real estate photos:

  • Control the lines
  • Examine photos carefully
  • Use ambient lighting
  • Make Photoshop compositions
  • Invest in strobe lights or flashes
  • Schedule photo session for last day
  • Use drones for aerial imaging
To achieve professional-level results, use the tools mentioned above.

While some real estate photographers stick to ambient lighting, just like a well-lit portrait, interiors can benefit greatly from carefully designed outdoor lighting. Additionally, strobe lights or flashes are among the most essential tools in real estate photography.When it comes to scheduling the photo session, try to plan it for a sunny day. This will ensure that your photos are bright and vibrant. However, sometimes photo sessions are scheduled on gloomy days, which is a disaster for real estate photographers.

In this case, use strobe lights or flashes to brighten up your photos.Drone real estate photography is often used when a home's unique selling point is the location and environment. Now, real estate photography techniques can become quite complex, from combining exposures and HDR to wireless flash and light painting with multiple exposures.Finally, make sure that you have a point of reference when taking all your must-have real estate photos. With high-quality, detailed real estate photographs, you can show the advantages of a particular property to potential customers.

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